Summer Internship Opportunities

2016: The ZNES Group summer internship has come to a close and what an experience it was for all! To watch young people realize what they’re capable of and to help them grow into invaluable assets to the workforce and to their communities, and to facilitate that growth… there is nothing quite like it.

Our vision for these internships is investment. Investment in kids, soon to be adults, who haven’t had enough access to positive influences—people and experiences that push them to grow and live into their full potential. The founder of ZNES Group, Sean Mirsky, knows just how important this is—“For a student that is hungry to take advantage of perhaps their one shot to excel in the world, we want to throw open every opportunity for that person.” ZNES Group internships do just that. And for high school juniors and seniors on the fringe—those at high risk of not graduating—our internships are crucial.

For fringe students interested in what we do at ZNES Group, these opportunities are sparse—so contact us right away.


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