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Ultra-low latency connectivity – how is the game of speed changing in today’s automated trading environment?

Sean Mirsky is an expert in Macro Economic Event and Algorithmic Trading infrastructure.

He is the founder and CEO of the ZNES Group, which uses its resources to invest in forward looking “development stage” opportunities that typically have their roots in space commerce, yet have some meaningful connection to trading.

Prior to that, Sean developed and co-led the global microwave network efforts of Jump Trading as Director and Chief Architect, achieving superiority in speed between US and European Trading locations.  He also served as an embedded infrastructure specialist to key trading teams at Infinium Capital Management and Goldman Sachs.

On the Board of Directors of Rocket Crafters Inc., Sean is currently involved with commercializing patented 3D-Printed Rocket fuel and other breakthrough technologies for delivering Small Satellite (“SmallSat”) payloads to the precise orbit specified by each client.

With the exploding demand for affordable, reliable and safe space launch capability, Sean believes it will not be long before Low Earth Orbit (LEO) becomes the infrastructure for finance and trading–not just for its low latency advantages, but also for its dynamic, self-healing and secure qualities.


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Ultra-low latency connectivity – how is the game of speed changing in today’s automated trading environment?

Automated Trading & HPC
  • Cloud & carrier neutral co-location – selecting the right connectivity for your firm
  • Fiber vs. microwave vs. millimeter wavelength – comparing and contrasting new developments in network connectivity
  • Benefits beyond latency – how can you parlay low latency into high trading intelligence?
  • Network monitoring – solutions, methods and technologies for identifying trends, detecting outliers and correcting excessive latency and jitter in real time
  • How can you accurately measure latency and jitter in a microsecond-sensitive ultra-low latency networking environment?
  • Next-generation data centers – open infrastructure, software-defined technologies and automation
  • LEO (low-earth orbit) satellites – a connectivity revolution?
Michael Ourabah, CEO, BSO
Ryan Eavy, Executive Director, Architecture, CME Group
Sean Mirsky, CEO, ZNES Group, LLC
Andrew Curto, Director of Strategy & Research, G2 Trading LLC
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